Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Education Panel

Autodesk Education brought in several professors and professionals who work with design students from high schools and Universities. One of the professors is Barry Stedman who happens to be an architecture professor from my university, University of Cincinnati. It was great to see how they are engaging students and creating real world opportunities for their students. The gentleman represented Sony Online Entertainment (video games), Manufacturing, and HoK (architecture firm). As a student I found the discussion lively and pertinent to my success as an architect. It was great to hear the educators push the need for students to develop in other areas other than technology. They stressed the importance of becoming a global designer and diversifying ones field of study. It is important for designers to communicate with others and display their personality. The field of design is all about collaboration and it is important that we foster this development in team growth while providing real world experiences. Definitely worth checking out on AU Virtual!

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