Friday, December 4, 2009

Flying High

Flying home right now at 3700 ft with wifi, pretty amazing! Will definitely have to go back and edit some of the posts and add on. There are a lot of pictures that will be uploaded along wth what looks to be an amazing video made by one of our reps, Emi Day. Overall great AU experience. Met a lot of wonderful people, especially the reps and got to network with many of the autodesk employees and industry professionals. I know AU has impacted me and encourage you to explore AU Virtual. Hope to continue working with the Education team and creating that connection between them the students and faculty. Thanks Jenee.

One last time.... FANTASY!

Last Night

So the AU final party was alright, lots of food and drink but we were all pretty worn out by time we got there. We all went through the shark reef which was really cool. Saw lots of fish and sharks. Pretty neat aquarium. After we explored the strip one last time. More pictures will come.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

AB308-2 Revit Inside: Autodesk® Revit® Architecture for the Interior Designer

Paul Aubin, writer of many of the Mastering Revit books, was the lecturer this morning and covered a lot of valuable and important information. This lecture addressed how "Revit-olution" and Building Information Modeling can aid any interior design firm. The class was filled with a variety of disciplines and experience which was great to see. He covered the basics of walls and grouping to how users can improve their workflow and use a variety of design options and worksets. It was a great session which everyone seemed to benefit from.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Pecha Kucha

One of our fellow reps, Greg Meyers, from GA Tech was fortunate enough to participate in what is referred to as Pecha Kucha. Pecha Kucha brings together a diverse group of creative thinkers to share their ideas in a unique presentation format: they display 20 images, each for 20 seconds. In those six minutes and 40 seconds, presenters are expected to make a personal connection with their audience. It was a high energy and visual conversation on a wide range of compelling design topics. Greg's focused on the role of technology and the importance of bringing that into the classroom and how that helps foster and develop the necessary skills that can be applied in their professional life.

The Mix

After the education panel, the Autodesk reps and experts were invited to the education reception where we had the opportunity to meet with educators and Autodesk experts that picked apart our brain. We were able to give our insight about how students are using the software and what they would like to see. We even had the opportunity to meet and talk with a Chinese student who had designed a museum that had been destroyed by an earthquake for the government. The reception was held at the Mix lounge in THEHotel which had a marvelous view of the strip.

Education Panel

Autodesk Education brought in several professors and professionals who work with design students from high schools and Universities. One of the professors is Barry Stedman who happens to be an architecture professor from my university, University of Cincinnati. It was great to see how they are engaging students and creating real world opportunities for their students. The gentleman represented Sony Online Entertainment (video games), Manufacturing, and HoK (architecture firm). As a student I found the discussion lively and pertinent to my success as an architect. It was great to hear the educators push the need for students to develop in other areas other than technology. They stressed the importance of becoming a global designer and diversifying ones field of study. It is important for designers to communicate with others and display their personality. The field of design is all about collaboration and it is important that we foster this development in team growth while providing real world experiences. Definitely worth checking out on AU Virtual!

Night on the Town

Chilled out with the other student reps after the Exhibit Hall and then went out on the town. Great night with lots of exploration and winnings at the slots.